UI / UX Design Explained. And What It Means to Business

April 15 , 2019

In a tech world when it comes to design, UI UX design go hand in hand. You can often hear people talking about a good UI of an app or a weak UX design of a website.

So what is UX/UI? Just some fancy terms cool designer kids are using? What is the difference between UI ad UX or is it the same thing? And more importantly, what’s in it for you and your business?

UI vs UX Design: Know Your Acronyms

UX and UI are two areas of design that are often confused. UX stands for ‘User Experience’ and UI means ‘User Interface’. The two terms have been widely used and overused and to an outsider may sound a bit intimidating.

A potential alternative to offering a discount is to go for a product bundle instead. Bundles allow you to give more value to your potential customers for a lower price. This could come in the form of templates or extra tutorial videos, exclusive to this Black Friday.

Let’s start with the UX. ‘User Experience’ goes back to the 90s when the term was coined by Donald Norman, Apple’s VP of the Advanced Technology Group at that time

In an email explaining how he came up with it, he wrote, “I invented the term because I thought human interface and usability were too narrow. I wanted to cover all aspects of the person’s experience with the system including industrial design

Johnson Banks’ open source rebrand of Mozilla put the award-winning agency’s thorough creative process firmly in the public eye

In terms of buying behavior, people just aren’t wired to purchase intangible gifts on Black Friday. If you’re still interested in gifting or believe it will have value for your product, check out the implementation guide we released last year on the subject.

In it, he breaks down the five steps in Johnson Banks’ branding process – including a fluid ‘half-step’ between strategy and design – and explains how it all works, from the perspective of a world-class studio.

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Tamim anj
15 april, 2019

Before we begin to build your home, we want to get to know you. Through our design process, we will be asking

Emran Khan
15 april, 2019

Can you imagine what we will be downloading in another twenty years?

Riad M.
10 april, 2019

We’ve also updated the account page to provide more insight into your connected accounts. The new header surfaces more information


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